Prepare Yourself for Riding in the Cold

Riding in the Cold

A while back we posted on the formation of the Blackburn Rangers so it was nice to hear from one of them who likes riding in the cold!

Riding in the winter snow, ice and rain with temperatures colder than your freezer is quite a daunting activity to do. You can get frozen fingers and feet if you are not well prepared for the activity, but at the same time it’s way more fun to ride in the cold than it might sound when you sit in front of your computer screen at home.

To ride in the cold, you just need to be prepared. Before you start biking, you must have the right clothing and pack up your gear and your bike to commute in the snow.

A good way to prepare yourself is to listen to an expert, so you should check out this interview with winter cycling guru Iohan Gueorguiev. He really knows what he is doing, as he has been doing some very chilling trips in Arctic Canada.



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