Prove Cant Wrong Rockshox

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Prove Cant Wrong Rockshox. They’ve dropped a good video here. Odd sentence that kinda sticks in your mind. Motivational stuff, better than those posters in generic management rooms, although I like pictures of eagles, fact. Some of the clips come from epic rides over the course of Rockshox’s history. One Prove Can’t Wrong  that gets me every time is Danny Hart’s 2011 world championship run in the rain, it was like poetry on a bike but, all the clips are awesome and as far as products go Rockshox is legendary, changing the game entirely since launching in 1989. It’s funny but I remember the fuss at the time with the thought being “suspension can’t make up for the added weight.” That sentiment really didn’t last long. Cool stuff from the past indeed now in 2014… Get on Twitter and get tagging with #provecantwrong

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