You’re going to be one lucky person to get your hands on the Rapha Silca HX-One but damn it looks good. Who wouldn’t want one really?

The HX-One is a lifetime set of tools that can be opened and closed with just one hand thanks to a magnetic closure system. Each tool also fits into and out of its slot with a satisfying click’ so that even when stretched one-handed from work stand to workbench, you can be confident in your placement. That’s how Rapha explain it, that’s what were dreaming.

Then they say this, several special features have been included for this RCC edition. The box is made of a hard-wearing walnut wood and has a custom RCC club crest inlaid. The keys have been treated with a hard-wearing powder coating and RCC markings for excellent grip and strength, and have a high tolerance satin chrome steel body which makes them an extremely accurate fit with hex bolts and fasteners, and reduces the chance of rounding out your screw heads. Whew-we! Is it sad to be this excited about some tools? No!

Only 500 of these ridiculously luxuriously expensively nice RAPHA SILCA pieces exist. You’re probably not going to buy one but…

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