Rapha’s 2016 Team Sky Kit Design


For Team Sky’s last year with Rapha, they will be wearing the latest Pro Team racewear, designed to stand out amidst the noise of the peloton and be worn to victory in the world’s greatest races. The result of months of development and testing with the Team, riders will be wearing cutting-edge fabrics, beautifully crafted to provide speed and comfort.

“The feedback we get from the riders, especially our new signings who have already tried it, is that it’s the best performing kit in the peloton.” Says Rod Ellingworth, Team Sky Coach and Performance Manager. “They all say how smart they feel in it too. Working closely with Rapha ensures that we have the best fitting, fastest, and most comfortable racewear out there.”

The addition of stripes across the front of the jersey and a new, brighter blue are the two biggest aesthetic changes to the kit for this year – the stripes echo Rapha’s Brevet collection and the new shade of blue has been developed by Rapha to maximise visibility for riders in the peloton and fans watching from the roadside or on television. The updated graphics were born from the Team’s desire to stand out from the peloton whilst retaining the simple, elegant black and blue kit for which they are known.




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