Having just received my new Genesis Latitude 20 i was looking for an excuse to go out and get muddy without yet braving the local trails at Ashton Court and Leigh Woods here in Bristol. So to get my legs out of winter hibernation i took a trip along the river.

Taking the bike path from my apartment into the city centre was a nice gentle start and before long it was time for a coffee at the mshed – i know what you’re thinking, bit early for a coffee, that’s what you get at the end of the ride! Having run out of milk at home i was gasping so thought it best to pop in and enjoy one.

Oh, and a flap jack.

After that pleasant pause it was time for some proper cycling. Crossing the train tracks I headed along the cobbled path that leads to Ashton Court. This path is known as the Chocolate Path locally and is great fun to ride on. Crossing over the railway bridge i headed right towards the Avon Gorge. The path along here is pretty muddy so i was glad to have some nice big knobbly tyres to give me grip as i bombed through the puddles. A few other riders were on town bikes with touring style tyres and seemed to be struggling. Those tyres and even slicks are fine on a dry summer day but not great on the muddy bits.

Keeping up momentum was pretty hard going at the start due to there being lots of runners and walkers who use this path so it pays to have a bell (not that it helps when people have headphones on). Going under Clifton Suspension Bridge is fun, don’t look up too long or you may find yourself heading towards the river! Once i got further along i started getting a nice pace going and there are some fun little ups and downs and twisty turns, nothing too strenuous though.

Theres a really good section after you come away from Oak Woods with a fantastic view of the river and fields. There’s a lot more wildlife here so it’s worth taking your time and enjoying it.

I stopped short of getting to Pill and took a few photos of the Genesis for it’s upcoming review. I’m loving it so far. It’s the first mountain bike i’ve had since i was 18 and riding it is like being a kid again. I brought it for cross country riding and camping which is also known as bikepacking. Alpkit have a nice intro into it here.

By the time i got home i’d ridden just over 23k and my legs were starting to feel it. They have definately come out of winter hibernation. The path is part of the Sustrans route 41 that leads to Gloucestershire. Here’s some more info on the Bristol to Portishead section.



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