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Tokyo Fixed

Tokyo Fixed recently relaunched with a brand new website and collection of cycling kits. The cycling kits have been developed from scratch aiming to deliver clothing of a higher quality than anything previously released. Designed in the UK and made in Italy, with a modern race-fit.

We spoke to Josh from Tokyo Fixed briefly about the brand and their plans for 2016.

What is about Japanese culture that inspires you?

Tokyo Fixed started as a shop which imported Japanese brands and cycling goods. When we started making kits we quickly looked at Japan for inspiration. Most of our kit is inspired by old Japanese art such as mons, ukiyo e and kimono patterns. The bold colours and graphic style of this art makes it excellent to transfer to jerseys.

Would you consider producing women specific products in the future?

Hopefully. We have made women’s kit in the past. But we have since changed factory that we will try to develop some women’s specific clothing with.

What are your plans for 2016?

More kit releases would make us very happy. Also we have sponsored a team but more on that soon….

Tokyo Fixed

Tokyo Fixed Arrow

“Tokyo Fixed Arrows Jersey features a graphic motif drawn from the battle scenes seen in old Japanese Ukiyo-e prints. We wanted something that would embody the power and speed of arrows in flight, and design studio Orca Collective have achieved just that.”

Tokyo Fixed

Tokyo Fixed Bonsai

“Bonsai trees are something we’ve been wanting to incorporate into a kit design for ages. We’ve combined it with a striped pattern and blue-grey colourway based on traditional decorated porcelain.”

Tokyo Fixed

Tokyo Fixed Fan

“Inspired by patterns seen on Japanese silk kimonos, the Fan Bib Shorts feature a clean, feathery, fan-shaped graphic.”

Tokyo Fixed

Tokyo Fixed was founded in 2007 as a blog selling Japanese bike parts from a spare bedroom in a Tokyo apartment. The brand has represented many things since then but at the core has always been our love of cycling and good design, with a heavy influence from Japanese culture. Run by a small group of cycling enthusiasts with an aim to produce high quality, unique cycling kit and to work with some of the most interesting cycling brands and creatives from around the globe.

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