Rourke Bikes x Guy Martin = 100mph?

Guy Martin is a man who knows about going all out, blisteringly fast and going up in a ball of flame. He loves Tea and engineering and has made some pretty good tv shows recently but this show is going to be the best. On December 29th tune into Channel 4 at 8pm to watch Guy Martin attempt to break the 100mph speed on a specially built Rourke Bike. He will be riding behind a 1000 horespower truck and apparently Laura Trott has been helping him train. This might be the best show on TV over Christmas.

The bike design is interesting. Just look at that double chainring setup! Over on the Rourke Bikes Instagram there’s mention of a 60x21x60x21 setup for 60 mph up to 60x15x60x15 for up to 130 mph.

Hope Technology were involved in the project too providing hubs, huge chainrings and cranks. Great British engineers getting together, feels like we’ve gone back in time. Photos are from the Rourke Bikes site, head over there and their instagram to keep up to date with the beautiful frames they make.

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  • daniel

    This looks amazing , I cannot wait to see this is action

    a few questions though,

    What is the bar extension on the front for? It doesnt look like a time trail set up etc, to reduce front surface area and get you low down, I guess if you are sitting behind a truck frontal surface area wont be such an issue.

    Also how much clearance do you have between the upper large chainring and your inside leg?

    Good luck

    • Steve

      Thinking the same here, will have to watch to find out, I guess…

  • Bob

    WOW, the guy is a certified nutter lol. I think its an amazing bit of engineering and Gary knows all about that.

    Phew, i hope he pulls it off and has an amazing journey with no hick ups.

    Good luck, be safe and think positive

  • CTM

    I assumed the extension was where they’ll mount some form of tow bar to get him up to speed (even if only for test runs).

  • Mick Reay

    Daniel, I’d assume the bar is a towing point to tow him up to a speed. It’s quite often the case the bike is towed to a certain speed (circa 70mph) then released.. Then a car or in this case a truck is being used to draught the bike along???

    Can’t wait to watch it though, guy is the perfect guy for the job!

  • Danny

    Looks awsome, front extension looks like it has a cable to it?? I suppose it could simply be for a camera mount aswell for steady footage seein as its for a tv programme

  • HI,

    The bar on the front is to tow upto a speed where he can turn the gear, then release. It’s other function is to slow the bike down after run by running into back of truck. Originally we weren’t going to have brakes as we were not sure about them due to speeds. There isn’t much clearance between rings and legs but there is enough. Guy also has leathers on so not really a problem. Though I tested it down Upper Hulme with shorts on, odds scratch I got 60mph LOL

  • Edward Woods

    Is the front extension part of the ejector mechanism? lol 🙂 Good luck to everyone on the project. Especially ‘the pilot’.

  • Dan

    There’s a few photos and link to an interview with Guy about the series now posted:

  • Carl Holdcroft

    Fascinating…. Good luck guys….. Guy Martin , what a star

  • Those tires are not rated for 160mph. Good luck!

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