Sheffield Steel Peloton

We couldn’t make the L’Eroica Britannia event this weekend – which kind of marks the start of the build up towards the Tour de France – but, we are hoping to get up to see the TdF start in Yorkshire. This video; Sheffield Steel Peloton, looks like an interesting story.

Here is the official word on the trailer; Turning a bit of Sheffield into a bike. A bike, a film, events and workshops celebrating cycling, Sheffield’s steel heritage and the Tour De France.

Cycling is all about working as a team or ‘Peloton’ to finish the ride. For this exciting project a team of artists, archaeologists, event organisers, scientists and filmmakers will invite the public to join the Sheffield Steel Peloton and explore the process of making a bicycle, complete with a specially designed bicycle head badge made from iron mined and forged into steel in Sheffield. Follow this fascinating process from its beginnings deep underground to the creation of a unique bicycle and film to celebrate Le Tour arriving in Yorkshire this summer.

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