Specialized Recon Mixed Terrain Shoes

specialized RECON MIXED TERRAIN shoe

These are the new Specialized Recon mixed terrain shoes, built for the inbetween style of riding known as gravel, all-road, b-road…you get it. The type of roads we just call roads in the UK now. With an mtb spd cleat mount and big grippy rubber tread that’s ok for walking on and a quick cyclocross run and jump they are versatile. Great for commuting, Audax and long distance adventuring. Laces mean a cosy fit, the stole is 10 on the specialized stiffness scale so as stiff as their mtb shoes get and they weigh 352g a pair. I’ve just bought a pair of Giro VR90 with the EC90 sole and Vibram rubber grip. Both are great pairs of shoes if like me you prefer to stick with two bolt spd. Having just been to Scotland for our latest Cycling Adventures in Edinburgh feature i’d loved to have taken these with me over the Specialized Rimes i’ve been using. Full details for the Specialized Recon.

specialized RECON MIXED TERRAIN shoe 4

specialized RECON MIXED TERRAIN shoe 3

specialized RECON MIXED TERRAIN shoe 2

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