Spotlight on Jered Gruber by Exposure

jered gruber exposure

Jered Gruber is one of those cycling photographers that when i first saw a few of his photos made me want to put the camera down. I’d never make a photograph like a Gruber. The occasion of the bike race in his photos seems so dramatic and the landscapes so breathtaking you’d think it staged. They are not, bike racing is just like that and the locations just perfect but not everyone captures it the way Jered Gruber does.

Having only recently come across, the online platform for creating stories from your photos, we didn’t know Jered Gruber had been sharing his work on there. Exposure even created a storybook on him for us all to enjoy. Head over to Exposure to read it. You can also take a look at Gruber Images on Exposure too.

jered gruber exposure 2

jered gruber exposure 3

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