Stealth bike from BME Design

Stealth bike

Just discovered this crazy stealth bike from a small company called BME Design. They describe themselves as a research and design company. BME are based in Bratislava, Slovakia (EU). You can see more about them on their website. I’m rather taken by this bike, it’s different enough to be interesting, and it really does remind me of the stealth jet aeroplanes built during the cold war era.

The bikes is called the B-9 NH BLACK EDITION URBAN STEALTH which plays to that military style naming protocol. It’s lines are pretty nuts, and given the experience at BME it’s likely good to ride too. The price tag is particularly high at €7800 but there will only be a 100 in existence (currently on pre-order via their website). So it’s in the highly collectable realm of bicycle buying. It doesn’t detract from what a unique machine it is to look at as well as the intriguing concept. Even the crank was CNC’ed to give it and appreciate angular shape to match the carbon from and one-piece carbon bar and stem. Overall the spec is well considered but at the price tag…

Full details can be found here on the BME Design site.







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