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For some this will be an obscure hero, for others it will come as no surprise, Stuart Dangerfield was a UK TT talent. During the 90’s and early 2000’s Stuart, along with a few other names (will post on them at a later date) ruled the UK Time Trial scene. I had the chance to witness how fast he could ride outside Truro, Cornwall when he took the course record for the S6/10, I can’t remember the exact time but, it was about five minutes faster than me! From my short experience of meeting him he is an unassuming chap of good nature. How the hell you ride a bike that fast I do not know.

Image © Jim Henderson Image © Jim Henderson (chap on the left). Stuart is the one in the middle.

Dangerfield really is little known outside club cycling circles in Britain, having grown up in the shadow of firstly Chris Boardman and then David Millar. However, Millar’s admission to using the illegal drug EPO and consequent expulsion from the Great Britain squad for the 2004 Summer Olympics meant that Dangerfield was called up into the Olympic squad to race the time trial. He finished 30th but, I can be dam sure he was dope free. So for me his result is impressive against a lot of riders that have subsequently been caught, more so than Millar. 


Interestingly or coincidentally Dangerfield rode on Royce and Argos equipment, both companies we admire and have visited. For further info on Stuart Dangerfield, check Wiki.

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