Superdomestik 2015

Superdomestik 2015

Superdomestik has a range of kit for 2015 on pre-order. All of it is rad. With so many great cycling apparel brands out there it’s hard to offer up something not already done. Superdomestik’s approach is to offer limited edition kits, that are highly thought-out design pieces and curated as such.

Superdomestik explain it as such; “We are design driven collective. We design and produce, high-quality, limited-run cycling apparel and accessories. We shoot motion + still photography, design and art direct assignments across editorial, advertising, publishing and digital platforms. We also ride our bicycles… a lot!” Headset Press thinks that is a legitimate approach in a crowded market. At the end of each year they retire all of their designs to keep the brand fresh and preserve the ‘limited run’ nature of their apparel. All of Superdomestik’s products are made in the in Downtown Los Angeles, USA from Italian fabrics.

They’re currently entering the final order period of the year, offering one last chance for the discerning cyclist to get their hands on some ‘kit porn’ before these designs are retired to the design vault. So if this is your thing and are looking for something unique go to and pre-order up!








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