Tallinn Bicycle Week 2014 Teaser

Tallinn Bicycle Week is now in it’s fourth year. Still completely independent, with no city backing, no corporate sponsors. But gathering more people and going stronger than ever.

Tallinn Bicycle Week and Tour d’ÖÖ group rides are activities brought to life by a circle of bicycle aficionados in order to bring different bike lovers together, grow “the pack” of cyclists on the streets of Tallinn and other Estonian cities and to cele­brate the bicycle as one of the greatest thought and action inspiring mechanisms ever invented.


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  • I love the idea of an independent event, beholden to no one organization. Is there a resource somewhere that talks about how this event was organized, what was the catalyst, etc?

    Also, Talinn is such a beautiful city. I got to spend just a day and a night there back in 1998 and it was wonderfully memorable, from the views of the ocean to the narrow streets to the hot mulled wine and the nightclub scene. Hope to get back there some day, on a bike.

    • Jamie

      Hi Matt, sorry I just noticed your comment. It is wonderful to see, TBW is doing really well. Would love to attend an event one year, I hope I get the opportunity.

      You could have a look at their website here,