Tatsu Sakamoto’s around the world bike

I was recently looking over some old photographs and came across these pictures of Tatsu Sakamoto’s around the world bike. Ok the pictures are not that great but the bike just appeals to me. Not the bike or the brand or whatever but, the bike there in it’s current battered state. That bike now in a bike museum/centre in Osaka, Japan. That bike visited a total of 43 countries and cycled 55,000km during Tatsu Sakamoto’s entire trip, spending four years and three months from September 26, 1995 to December 28, 1999 – out there in all conditions and giving it’s user an amazing life in the process. I was also struck by this, in our faster and faster lifestyle, where around the world trips are now smashed out at record speeds (not all but the ones that grab media attention). These slow travellers are forgotten and to me this isn’t right. Tatsu also spent three and a half years planning and saving for the trip and gaining funding, some from his employers (Miki House). It’s a reminder to slow down, cherish life and the travels. Not everything needs to be fast access and immediate gratification. Here are some links to Tatsu Sakamoto’s trip and adventure journals in English too (click on the newsletter links).

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