The Saturday Video Club

Californian Marshall Mullen has one heck of a back garden. It has taken 5 years to perfect and he knows how to ride seamless lines and build great trails.

Next is NYC-MTL Court métrage, it’s not new but it may provide inspiration for any big cycling adventures you may have this year. What is it? Cyclists from Québec, France, England, Australia and Saskatchewan ride Road bikes and Fixed Gear bikes from New York to Montréal in 4 days covering 400 miles.

Bobsleigh is amazing and it’s crazy. See the 1.6km run from the 1984 Sarajevo Olympic Games ridden. There’s no ice and it could be a bit more exciting admittedly but what a great place to explore and ride about. Alway amazes me how big facilities like this a built then left to gather dust.

Brother Cycles: Do not adjust your set! Their frames rock and they ride a bit crazy in London Town. This was a film made to promote their Swift frame.

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