The Super Acciaio has been reborn

You may already know about the relaunch of the Super Acciaio so we thought we would try something different with the images..

The Condor Super Acciaio has been revamped for 2014 in looks and material, thanks to a new partnership with Columbus. The bike born to race has served Rapha Condor well since 2010 when it was first launched. The new frame is based around the technologies that are common on carbon framesets, such as an oversized bottom bracket, which have evaded the steel market. Please read on for more information.

“The latest incarnation retains the tapered bottom bracket and the frame is now 200g lighter and uses a carbon fork which is 50g lighter than the previous model. The new frame most importantly still offers a unique smooth and responsive ride, according to senior riders of the Condor co-owned pro cycling team.

Kristian House, Rapha Condor JLT team leader:

‘Getting the steel bike to be absolutely right was really important to me. I am pretty specific when it comes to the kit that I race and train on, and having been on carbon bikes for so long, I wanted to be able to test the steel bike thoroughly.’

‘I spent a lot of time testing it, and giving feedback to the guys at Condor, and I came to a point where the bike was so right that I could switch easily between both carbon and steel, while getting the distinct benefits from each material when I need them.’

The Super Acciaio production frameset will be available from October in both neon red and team issue colourways priced at £1,299.99 including the full carbon Grammy Slim fork from Columbus. Full bike builds start from from £2,499.99 with Campagnolo Athena carbon 11 speed.”

Ex-Rapha Condor rider, Tom Southam speaks more about the machine over on the Condor blog.

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