Tillie Anderson – Hero

Tillie Anderson

Tillie Anderson is most definitely a THSP Hero. It isn’t often that one can say a professional cyclist won all but seven of the 130 races they competed in. But that certainly is something we can remark about Tillie Anderson. Anderson held ever record attempted and was ranked by the League of American Wheelman as the top female cyclist in the world. A title she was given for five consecutive years.

A tactician on the boards, she knew how to read a race and her opponents. Anderson enjoyed a successful career till her career came to a abrupt stop in the year 1902. She, along with all other women cyclist, were barred from racing. The sport being deemed too dangerous for women after another racer was killed during a non-racing cycling event.

Many thanks to Ray at On the Back Foot. Check out his awesome Instagram feed of cycling heroes which is really worth following.

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