Titanium Tuesdays

Headset Press likes the the 22Ti (titanium) a lot, so we decided to dedicate Tuesdays to 22Ti. Simple really, every Tuesday we will have a Titanium related post for you (when the blog god is willing). To kick off, I thought it best if we introduced the wonder stuff itself.

The chemical element is notified with the symbol Ti on the periodic table and it’s atomic number is 22. You can find out more on wiki. I first heard of Titanium being used in bicycles some years ago, when Tour riders were having Ti bikes painted up to match their teams bikes, because they preferred the ride – From that moment I wanted to try a Ti bike – It took many more years before I tried one and years more before I bought one. It’s a subtle thing, like comparing silk to fine cotton perhaps. Regardless of ride feel. Ti lasts and on a bike that is a good thing. We like good things. So hence forth Titanium Tuesdays are born. Watch out for the upcoming posts.

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