Top 10 cycling videos on Vimeo

Top 10 cycling videos on Vimeo

Top 10 cycling videos on Vimeo is a list of the best documentaries you can pay to watch on Vimeo. Whilst you probably won’t watch them all, we’ve taken the hard work out of finding the good ones so you can spend the evening being inspired and dreaming of doing something new or cool on your bike. They are in no particular order as we feel they are all worth a mention.

Top 10 cycling videos on Vimeo

1: Life Cycles

Life Cycles is a true adventure film. Over 4 years, in the making, and using the bicycle as the vehicle, Life Cycles takes you on a journey through natures most beautiful, dramatic and sometimes unforgiving landscapes. Full info here.

2: Brevet

Every four years cyclists from all over the world come to France for the legendary Paris-Brest-Paris bicycle marathon. They have to ride 1230 km in under 90 hours. Full info here.

3: Thereabouts 2

Gus and Lachlan Morton aren’t your average professional cyclists. In addition to their day jobs of riding and racing for the Jelly Belly team in the US, the Morton brothers are the brains behind Thereabouts: a series of adventures designed to get back to the very essence of cycling. Full info here.

4: Sven

Sven: The Final Year, a film by van Jan Vandermotte, is the remarkable story of a living cycling legend at the edge of his prime. Full info here.

5: For the love of mud

It’s played out in muddy fields and practically a religion in belgium. Rapidly expanding in the rest of the world, this film captures the tight-knit ’cross community, from Sven Nys, Katie Compton and Britain’s own Helen Wyman. Full info here.

6: Bicycle

BAFTA winning director and keen cyclist Michael B.Clifford “Bicycle” tells the story of cycling in the land that invented the modern bicycle, its birth, decline and re birth from Victorian origins to today. Here.

7: Mountain Biking: The untold British story

This is a story that has never been told and is MTB history in the making. The film has been made by international and Bafta winning filmmakers, Pip Piper and Michael Clifford. Full info here.

8: Inspired to Ride

Inspired to Ride follows cyclists from around the world as they prepare and race unsupported—no crew, no follow vehicles, and no prize money waiting at the end. Full info here.

9: Endure

Endure is an Irish indie documentary that tells the story of two lifelong friends who undertake the greatest physical and mental challenge of their lives, to cycle around the world in 10 months.

10: Ripcor: Riding with Mamils

Ripcor: Riding with Mamils is a documentary following a unique cycling club on their journey tackling some of the toughest climbs in the French Alps. Full info here.

We hope you enjoy our Top 10 cycling videos on Vimeo. Now go ride.

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