Tour de France 2014: Winners podium

Tour de France 2014: Winners Podium

Tour de France 2014 is coming towards it’s close, we have crossed all the mountains and Nabali has proven his mettle. The podium places almost sorted, certainly from the classification standings they are. You have to admit it’s always going to be a slightly frustrating win situation for Nabali, everyone is going to say; but what if Contador and Froome were there? Well they weren’t. Well done Nabili and good shot too (see below). As things go, he certainly built a strong lead and dealt with his rivals swiftly over the mountains. The final time trial is bit of a shame really because it would have great to have that – and I’m still annoyed there is only one – final Time Trial count, a seven minute lead is a very safe buffer over your nearest rival.

The green jersey comp is pretty much wrapped up too. Sagan has that, he played the long tactical game, claiming points along the way, but boring for an often fun rider. Still it’s a good job done and I don’t think there is any question about who was there and not this year for the green jersey. The polkadot is always a bit more interesting and often yields unexpected results. Rafal Majka is pretty much set to take it and have the best result of his career, what happens to him from here is anyones guess but looking at his wiki page, he could be about to hit pay dirt.

The fans. Well, it’s younger people, it’s more gender mixed but, more people in the way and more stupidity. Dangerous. Mobile phones and selfies are going to get someone hurt. I don’t understand the need to either stand right out in the road or run alongside riders. Let’s keep it safe. But we all love a fail gif…

Tour de France 2014: Nibali hits spectator with cellphone mobile


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