Tour de Skandinavia – Rad Race x Aurora

 Tour de Skandinavia

This Tour de Skandinavia looks like it’s going to produce some nice imagery and hats off too how well designed it looks. Skills. The tour itself looks hardcore too. The people at Aurora have this to say; We will ride from Hamburg to Oslo in 9 days and sleep in our tents between every stage. Our crew consists of sixteen people and thirteen of them will ride the approx. 1200km on their road bike or track bike. The rest of our crew will follow in our tour van and take care of us and the equipment. We will also try to document the tour as good as possible with our cameras and hope to get back with some nice visuals for you. Good luck and looking forward to seeing more on this. Make sure you head over to Aurora as their website is full of nice stuff.

Tour de Skandinavia 2

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