VANDEYK Machine for Riding

Always happy to get a message off these guys, VANDEYK, their latest bike is Machine for Riding and yet again it’s another stunner. This carbon machine was; built in collaboration with Formula 1 proven engineer Ralf Brand and fully handcrafted in Germany by our partner ax-lightness to deliver the very finest in carbon fibre technology. The core of this asphalt machine is the carbon fibre frame, with a frame weight of 870 gr in size 56, painted in highest grade liquid paint. Engineering and material selection is focused on an excellent stiffness to weight ratio, including a bold bottom bracket area as well as a tapered 1,5″ fork. Built for electronic shifting with fully integrated wiring. But there is a frame option for mechanical gruppos also available.

They also have this to say, which I think sets them apart really; The creative concept of the collection is all about form and function in spiritual union. “Focussing on minimalism and technical beauty, the core design vocabulary of the collection introduces a machine ‘code’ to which all key design elements are translated – going as far as the downtube logo. Art and machinery. No interruption, just a unity of machine hieroglyphic language and pure bicycle form. A pure and balanced connection between rider and road – the MACHINE FOR RIDING. Check out more here.

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