VELOPEDIA: The Infographic Book of Cycling

Infographic Book of Cycling

This Infographic Book of Cycling is a joy to flick through and explore different facts and topics. We love nothing more than a good cycling fact at Headset press and this book certainly satisfies that need. What could be very dry and boring is brought to life in full infographic detail, I’ve never seen a book like it before and have enjoyed the last month flicking through it. From diet of champions to iconic riders.

To copy the books synopsis; Whether it is the tallest and shortest champions, oldest and youngest Tour riders, or the richest in the peloton, Velopedia has it covered. Examining nearly all of the sport’s most intriguing stories, it also includes the most memorable rivalries, heroic losers, most controversial stars and biggest scandals, not to mention the best punch-ups and mid-race mishaps. The eccentric side of the sport is here too, with kitsch kits, the strangest superstitions and most elaborate facial hair.

Charting every generation from the Victorian age to the present day, Velopedia is the perfect book for both the most devoted amateur cyclist and the armchair fan. 100% agreed!

Infographic Book of Cycling

Written by sports journalist, Robert Dineen. He has also written, Reg Harris: The Rise and Fall of Britain’s Greatest Cyclist and Kings of the Road: A Journey into the Heart of British Cycling. Which are all worth a look. The book itself is over 190 pages and hardcover bound with no dust jacket and a little under A4 in size, perfect for the coffee table but no so big you can’t sit back and relax in your favourite reading chair (you have one right?).

As much as the author has put together the topics this book wouldn’t be half as interesting without the graphics, those are done by Paul Oakley, Nick Clark and Jane McKenna. You can’t help but love the portraits done by Paul Oakley they look amazing and add character throughout. You might think it all a bit gimmicky but no matter your knowledge I bet you can find something you don’t already know.

Published by Aurum Press and is available for £18.99 from all good bookshops.

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