Vince Wheels Sopportazione road disc wheelset review

I’ll get right to it, the Vince Wheels Sopportazione road disc wheel set are great. I did not want to give them back. Everyone should own a solid all around set of road disc wheels and these are a superb contender. A great replacement for a factory set that may have come with your bike from new.

Built with the now much copied Pacenti SL25 rim which are 26mm deep and 24.5 wide with an internal width of 20mm. That wide internal width opens the tyre and creates a nice round cross section rather than a light bulb shape with traditional rim widths. This improves comfort, cornering and makes a 25mm tyre feel and look like a 28mm improving rolling resistance to make you ride faster. The rims are tubeless compatible too.

Hubs are the AIVEE Edition One Disc. Not a hub i have ridden before so i wasn’t sure what to expect. These hubs are pretty light, 122g for the front and 231g for the rear, use EZO bearings and a titanium ratchet. They roll along easily so i had no complaints there. Disc mount is ISO 6 bolt and axle choice is 9mm quick release or 15/12 Thru axle available for either Shimano or Campagnolo.

Spokes are Sapim Race, a light traditional j bend butted spoke and great choice for a wheel build. Sapim Polyax Brass nipples are used too. Overall weight for the wheels comes in at 1686g with 28/28 cross lacing. The Pacenti decals are replaced with sleek black versions which you can spec to any colour should you want to. Overall i think the Vince Wheels branding is nicely done, not over the top and the black Pacenti logo looks slick alongside the blue logo. Another neat touch are the two blue spoke nipples, I really like those.

Vince Wheels Supportazione road disc wheelset review

So why are they called Sopportazione? Vince Wheels was started by Ian Vince who’s last name  has an Italian translation meaning ‘to win’. Sopportazione means sufferance. The Sopportazione wheels are from the Gamma Firma range which Ian has put together for those looking for high quality hand built wheelsets without the hassle of component choice.

Final thoughts

These are great all rounders for road, gravel or cross using 25-35mm wide tyres. A very good spec for £495 and much preferable over a big name factory wheel for the same price. I like how they felt stiff when standing and sprinting and were really pleasant and effortless to ride when seated.

Thanks to that wide rim they can handle a rough surface on a country lane and absorb big bumps without making you feel them too much through the handlebars. These are a pair of wheels that are light enough to feel fast and easy to get going while comfy so you will want to keep riding for longer. I guess it comes down to would i spend my own money on some? Yes. Definitely a yes.

You can buy the Sopportazione from the

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