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Wet weather clobber

Seeing as the rain keeps splashing down so frequently i’ve been thinking about wet weather gear so here are a few of my favourite things to lust after when it all turns soggy.

Vulpine Cotton Rain Jacket

I think anyone who tries on a Vulpine product will be impressed. It’s hard not to be, they ooze quality. The cotton rain jacket is handmade from Epic cotton for water resistance and is tailored so you’ll look proper smart going to work or just out and about. I’m testing the Vulpine softshell jacket at the moment which also has similar features to the rain jacket; the magnetic collar and pocket covers (super cool), splash guard and reflective cuffs. I’ve got my eye on the blue one.

Rapha Rain Jacket

It’s made by Rapha, it’s expensive but you know what? I want one. Reportedly is has very good water proofing and breathability which is exactly what you need. I hate sweating in a waterproof when i’m not working hard on the bike. I love the rear zip pocket and rather feebly, the colour. Red is always faster.

Supermarine Summer Storm Cap

If you want to keep your bonce dry you need a cap and the Supermarine Summer Storm Cap from Outlier looks just the ticket. Made from highly water resistant cotton it should be breathable too and if the sun does come out Outlier say it will offer UV protection. Nice.

Gore Countdown Glove

Well, this one i don’t have to lust after as i’ve got a pair of them and have had then for two years now. So far these are the only waterproof cycling gloves i’ve ever owned that are actually waterproof. Not just waterproof for 5 minutes. Ok the fit isn’t perfect but they are not custom made so i don’t expect them to be 100% snug. I’ve been out in the rain for a few hours with these and been nice and dry. They are really warm so at this time of year so you will undoubtably get clammy hands from sweating. I’ve not yet seen a waterproof summer glove. The padding is great too and comfy for long rides of a few hours. I’ll do a proper review on these before the winter.

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  • Jack Luke

    Check out the Seal Skin, All Season Gloves. Been using them for several years now and have been very chuffed. Great waterproofing and very cosy for winter riding.

    • Dan

      Great to hear they last well. I did try the sealskins but I didn’t get on with the lining material inside, it was really catchy on last years version. They were cosy though. Might have to try them again!



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